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Painters Today is a visual arts podcast dedicated to painting. Launched in 2018 with the aim of promoting and archiving voices of artists working in Britain today, guests include Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings (known collaboratively as Biggs and Collings), Jeff DellowSimon CarterSusan Gunn and Tom Down. All interviews are hosted and produced by Lucy Cox and recorded in artists’ homes or studios.

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Praise for Painters Today: 

“A thoughtful and illuminating interview with Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs about their paintings. A joy to listen to in my studio this morning.” –Matthew Krishanu

“In my studio in Istanbul and listening to Simon Carter in conversation with Lucy Cox. Inspiring.” –Heather Brown

“I am a photographer but I love finding parallels between my practice and that of painting. Will look forward to listening to more.” –Adele Mary Reed

“A wonderful series of conversations with artists.” –Dominique Cameron

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